Evangelie Gemeente waar Jezus Christus Levens Verandert!



Hieronder wil ik wat inspiratie met je delen die ik zelf onlangs tegen kwam.

Het leven voor de meeste mensen is als dit cruise schip , veel luxe, entertainment, vermaak en eten, maar verder geen idee over de nabije toekomst , en zeker niet over de eeuwigheid.

Wees geinspireerd .

vriendelijke groet Richard Hamer



When people lose sight of eternity they then lose morality.

As Dostoyevsky reminds us in The Brothers Karamazov, “If God does not

exist everything is permissible.” Without God, there can be

no morality. You cannot have fruit without roots.

We live in times when all is permissible. Patterson and Kim, who

wrote, The Day America Told the Truth, did a survey that

revealed the characteristics of our society. The survey said

that morality is elastic in America today. We are making up

our own rules and our own moral code. There is very little

that is absolute anymore.

There is no moral consensus as there was in the 1950s.

Only 13 percent of our people believe in all the Ten


There is a low respect for law.

Lying is an integral part of our culture. In fact, we do not give a

second thought to lying.

One out of eight people have been sexually abused.

One out of six have been physically abused.

While we still marry we have lost faith in the institution of marriage.

More babies and young children die today at the hands

of their parents than in car accidents, house fires, falls, or


Today’s young people are the most ignored, misunderstood, and

disheartened generation our country has ever seen.

Does that surprise you? It ought not to. In a country in

which nothing is ever wrong, anything is possible.

In a society where values are disintegrating and no

absolutes exist, what can the righteous do?

We can keep standing for morality. The church is a good place to start.

The church is the only institution in the world that bears

witness to the eternal and the moral.

We need to get back to the basics. We need to stop

listening to preaching wich telss a watered down gospel to a washed out

generation. We need to stop giving six easy steps on how

to keep joy in your life because people know that life is not